Zenit EM

This is the only film I have shot with a Zenit EM, the same camera I took my photography A Level with back in the late 80′s. It’s a metal brick really, and this copy had a very difficult action, and sounded like a pair of hedge shears every time you took a photo with it. It’s gone now and I don’t really want it back, the Zenit TTL is (marginally) better in any case, so I won’t be adding to this gallery which only has a few pictures mostly of Alice when she was carrying Teddy in the summer of 2010.

This was a special commemorative model ordered by the politburo to coincide with the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. It shipped with the same Helios 44m f2 58mm lens that is standard on the TTL, but somehow it was much more iffy. I also left the film in the camera for about 3 years, so it deteriorated, rendering many of the shots illegible.

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