Lubitel 166

The Lubitel 166 was made in about 1980 in the now legendary Lomo factory in Kiev. It is constructed almost entirely of plastic, and it has very unpredictable results, which only means that no two copies are exactly the same, it has light leaks, and it creates a very strong style because of these manufacturing inconsistencies. It is actually a kind of ‘knock-off’ copy of the Voigtlander Brilliant, another camera I own. The Russians were quite reknowned for this tactic of making a copy of a high-quality western camera, but with vastly inferior materials and methods. They ‘liberated’ the original Leica factory in East Germany after the war and the Zorki Rangefinder was born!

This camera is a TLR with an f4.5 / 75mm Lomo lens.

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