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The Fells


“The Fells”

Lubitel 166 / Kodak film

I forget which camera took this roll, my best guess is the Lomo. It’s medium format and 6×6, so it’s that or a Yashica. Just now I am using another Kodak, this time a Retinette 1B, made in 1959, the same year as the Coloursnap I used last week. The Retinette has a much higher quality feel, and a Rodenstock Reomar 45mm f/2.8 lens in a Prontor 500-LK shutter, with speeds from 1/15 to 1/500th, so already it is considerably more promising than the ‘snap. If it takes pictures half so well, I will be happy.

Everything about vintage cameras is an exercise in uncertainty and patience. That is good for the soul at least. Last year I read The Left Hand of Darkness for a second time (I first read it in my teens). This stayed with me:

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

View from Roseberry Topping


“View from Roseberry Topping”

Yashica 124G / FUJI RVP100F

This is a scan from a print from a roll of slide film. As you can imagine, it barely does it justice. It’s a helluva climb up here, and that’s without carrying a half ton toddler!

After the Rain

“After the Rain”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Throwing Stones

“Throwing Stones”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Teddy by the Sea

“Teddy by the Sea”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Durham View

“Durham View”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Big and Small

“Big and Small”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Derwent Reservoir

“Derwent Reservoir”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Autumn Field

“Autumn Field”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Dunstanburgh III

“Dunstanburgh III”

Yashica 124G / Ilford Delta Pro 100

This is the last of the Dunstanburgh pictures from the Yashica. I processed another roll of Ilford last night, this time from the Lubitel 166. I am going to the Cleveland Hills today, in Yorkshire with the Yashica, the Superheadz and a Werra. It’s a beautiful day.

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