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Hold Tight


“Hold Tight”

Yashica 124G / Ilford film

My funny little boy is a real treasure, so full of love and yet so hard to reach. He teaches me to live one day at a time and to let go of the small stuff. And the medium sized stuff. And most of the big stuff too.


Cold Day at Cow Green


“Cold Day at Cow Green”

Yashica 124G / FUJI RVP100F

This is one of the most amazing places in the UK in my experience. There is a profound silence that only three miles away seems impossible with the roar of the falls at Cauldron Snout. We camped out here a few years back while walking the Pennine Way and it’s on the edge of true wilderness. It’s an amazing view to wake up to.

View from Roseberry Topping


“View from Roseberry Topping”

Yashica 124G / FUJI RVP100F

This is a scan from a print from a roll of slide film. As you can imagine, it barely does it justice. It’s a helluva climb up here, and that’s without carrying a half ton toddler!


Hazy Days


“Hazy Days”

Yashica 124G / Kodak

We’ve had plenty of hazy days here on Weardale. Thankfully the Sun is starting to shine bright and clear at last.

Dunstanburgh III

“Dunstanburgh III”

Yashica 124G / Ilford Delta Pro 100

This is the last of the Dunstanburgh pictures from the Yashica. I processed another roll of Ilford last night, this time from the Lubitel 166. I am going to the Cleveland Hills today, in Yorkshire with the Yashica, the Superheadz and a Werra. It’s a beautiful day.

Hello? Is God there?

“Hello? Is God there?”

Yashica 124G / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Dunstanburgh II

“Dunstanburgh II”

Yashica 124G / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Cow Green Reservoir

“Cow Green Reservoir”

Yashica 124G / Ilford Delta Pro

Dunstanburgh I

Dunstanburgh I

Yashica 124G / Ilford Delta Pro

“How far?”

“How far?”

Yashica 124G / Velvia 100F
At Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

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