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Lindisfarne Causeway

“Lindisfarne Causeway”

Superheadz / Ilford HP5 (expired)


Zorki 4, Canon II and more processing.

It has been a long time since I wrote on here, I seem to have too many projects on the burner, to keep this current. But the plan was always to keep going and although I am not quite so fixated on chemical photography just now, I maintain a steady interest.

I pick up old cameras where I can. Today I found a Voigtlander Vitomatic IIa for £15, a tenth of its real value. This is a beautifully engineered 1960 rangefinder, and I am becoming much more in the groove with rangefinder photography than any other. Indeed, I recently bought a Canon II from a Moscow dealer. I have been thinking about getting a decent 1950s rangefinder forever, and while I liked the idea of a Contax, my little collection of beautiful Russian Jupiter glass has pushed me over into thinking in the direction of the Canon Leica copy.

Okay maybe a Leica III would be the way to go, but it costs maybe 5 times more than the Canon copy, which is (arguably) a better camera. So it’s £800 for the badge on the front, and that is not a great deal in my view.

I have a great stack of film to process. I have Ilford film from a Holga which I can process in the kitchen, but I also have several colour films from the Yashica and the Lubitel to send away to the lab.

So I will leave you with a picture taken on another Leica copy, the eminently worthy Zorki 4 with that amazing Jupiter 8, 50mm attached. It is a remarkable lens for the price of a bottle of vodka. Of course the quality of the subject is beyond compare and you won’t find one of these anywhere for any price.

After the Rain

“After the Rain”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Throwing Stones

“Throwing Stones”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Teddy by the Sea

“Teddy by the Sea”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100


Into the Forest

“Into the Forest”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Durham View

“Durham View”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Big and Small

“Big and Small”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Derwent Reservoir

“Derwent Reservoir”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

Autumn Field

“Autumn Field”

Lubitel 166B / Ilford Delta Pro 100

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