A not-quite-dead film

Just had a totally magical experience.

Yesterday, I developed a film with some trepidation. I had brought it with me, in my camera, before Jem and I were together.

I wasn’t sure what would be on it.

it was, the Universe fixed that problem for me. As I spooled it in the
dark bag, it was horribly stuck together and my heart began to sink.

As I went through the developing process, more bits of film disintegrated away with each chemical emptied out of the tank.

took it out of the tank and there was nothing left. Just scraps of what
once was film on the long plastic reel. I hung it out to dry thinking
at the very least we could use the film to teach the boys how to wind it
onto a spool.

Then, today, just before either ditching it or putting it away, I looked closer and saw a little face.

Only two partial prints had survived. Both of a baby Bert (of whom I now own precious few photographs).

And here he is…

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