Halina A1

I received a really rather fabulous Christmas present this year. And the fact that it is now May is evidence of how long it took me to get around to trying it out.

See, it’s been a long while dormant, this blog, whilst life’s turbulences have buffeted us about a bit around here. But it never truly died. Jem has been solidly carrying on with it all, whenever he could, but my mojo… well… let’s just say it’s just returning.

A couple of lovely women have been instrumental in firing me back up – one on Instagram and one on Twitter – both of whom have a similar passion, and talking about it with them brought it all burning and rushing back to the surface.

So, without further ado, what better camera to reintroduce the analogue into my life than this little beauty (click pictures for undistorted view):

halinaIn all its beauty, sunbathing at Blackhall Rocks.




Blackhall-Rocks3And here, through the viewfinder.

It really was a fabulous find – still in its original box, its original leather case. It is a stunning little TLR, but you can’t take things for granted, so I loaded it up and took it through its paces. Quickly. And without much regard to what I was photographing. Little worse than putting a lot of effort into it, only to find once you’ve processed the film that it has terrible light-leaks or the shutter is broken or… you get the idea.

Anyway, I brought it home and processed the film right away, and it worked!






And here is the *in most cases not terribly impressive but oh-my-gosh look how it works* evidence :)


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